Mom and Me an 8in by 8in Layout

Mom and Me Scrapbook Layout

8in by 8in Scrapbook Layout




* Mom & Me stickers
* paper from Michaels
* 3 Glitter Photo flowers


* Star punches
* 1in diameter circle punch
* Paper cutter
* Glue


* Michaels
* Frogget’s Crafts





My Mom did so many wonderful things for me when we were planning the wedding. I wanted to make sure her page was truly special. Mom’s dress set the colors for the layout with pink and brown. I made a muted pink mat for the main photo to help it stand out from the antique flower patterned background. The star cut outs soften the mat and help it fade away so the focus is on the photo. I surrounded the photo with highlights from the day; Mom’s special corsage with succulents, Mom helping me with my dress, and finally Mom right after the ceremony. I really feel like these embellishments are helping to tell the story of the moment.  I did not include a date or journaling spot in this layout because as part of the wedding album it really didn’t need one. 


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