The Dress, a Wedding Dress Scrapbook Layout

Ivory and Green Wedding Dress Layout

Ivory and Green Wedding Dress Layout

12in by 12in Layout

* Gold Thickers Letters
* 2 Crystal Butterflies
* 8 Paper Roses
* 3 sheets Michael’s Paper
* 9 Photo Flowers

* 1in diameter circle punch
* Paper cutter
* Glue
* Green Pen

* Michaels
* Frogget’s Crafts

This was my dream dress. It was everything I wanted and therefore needed a page dedicated to it in the wedding album. The dress was Ivory and Hunter green which set the colors for the layout. I went with a gold title to bring in more warm tones. This page has a journaling spot because photos alone could not tell the story of the dress. This is a sheet of Michaels Lace paper over a sheet of green shiny paper. I cut the mat for the journaling spot from an identical piece of green paper, but could easily have saved paper by cutting it from the center of the paper behind the lace. The Journaling spot is on an ivory sheet of paper.

This is another layout which would have been very photo heavy had I not had the Photo Flowers. These allow me to highlight the details that would have been lost otherwise without overwhelming the layout. The necklace my mother gave me, the beading on the dress, the beading on the veil, the matching flowers on my nails, and more are essential to telling this story. I used multiple sizes of Photo flowers in this layout, 1 inch and ¾ of an inch frames in 1 ¼ to 1 ½ inch flowers. They were made specifically for this layout using the extra paper from the Journal spot mat.

The paper roses are on wires. The wires I have coiled under the photo flowers to hold them in place.


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