Working on the Car, A Manly Scrapbook Layout


12in by 12in Layout

* Die cut Letters
* Aluminum and Wood mini Manly tags
* 3 Manly Photos Slides
* 2 sheets Michael’s Paper
* Brown paper bag
* Ribbon
* Brads
* Journal Tag

* 1in diameter circle punch
* Paper cutter
* Glue
* Pen

* Michaels
* Frogget’s Crafts





This page is dedicated to the much anticipated lift for my husband’s Jeep. As my first Man themed page it was difficult to find the right supplies. This is a very photo heavy page.  I really wanted to show 2 things; my Husband installing the lift, and the final product. I used blue ribbon to bring all the details together and crisscrossed under the Final Product Photo. In the area that was left I made it all about my husband.

Behind the pages I used a brown paper bag to simplify the background and bring the focus to the photos. The photo slides are made from birch wood, aluminum, and white foam so they are soft. I used strips of aluminum from a soda can to bring a little more manliness into the layout.


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