Some Fun Tutorials


I know I’ve been missing since I got back from my trip. I sadly have not had a chance to go in my craft room. I am taking a few online classes on crochet from which are AMAZING! but i’m still on rectangles so nothing interesting to post. So I though I would give you some fun tutorials from other blogs to hold you over until I can post some fun new things. Click on the Photos to go to the tutorials!


LED shoe clip from MAKE

ooooo Glowy!

This Fun and Easy Tutorial is from my favorite website MAKE, LED Shoe Clips.



Mermaid Nails from Cupcakes and Cashmere. Emily makes this look so easy!

Lolly Pop Molds

You could make ANY shape!

This is AWESOME! You mean I don’t have to buy the expensive molds from the craft store?! Stop by King Arthur Flour .com (or click on the photo) to learn how to make pop molds in confectioners’ sugar.

Chocolate Pudding cups

Use the extra balloons for a water balloon fight!

This is another genius idea. nom nom nom Can I have pudding for breakfast? Are these chocolate bowls good for cereal? Click on the photo to follow along with Bakerella.


Custom notes

Think of the possibilities!

Custom Stationary by Design*Sponge. I know Maps are really “IN” right now but I’m not a big maps as decoration person. I look at this and see the potential for scrapbook paper scraps. I could make stationary with my favorite scrapbook paper, or wrapping paper, or I could make pager out of paper scraps for a quilt-like look.



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