Envelope Scrapbook Album


I recently discovered the awesomeness that is Envelope Albums! Just toss some photos and a scrapbook page into a decorated envelope. Quick and Easy.

This is an 8in by 8in album that holds 6in by 6in pages. I made it using 12×12 paper. I used the Bella Boutique stack from DCWV.

Front Cover









1) Mark the center of each side of the paper

Step 1









2) Mark 1/2 in on each side of your mark

Step 2









3) Mark 1/2 in up from your center mark

Step 3









4) Connect the dots

Step 4









5) Cut along your lines

Step 5









6)Fold your flaps, I used my paper cutter to make a straight edge

Step 6









7) Cut 1in diameter black board circles

Step 7









8 ) Place a brad though the center of the blackboard circles

Step 8









9) Decide where you want the circles to go on the top and bottom flaps, and attach (Note: Photo is sideways)

Step 9









10) Glue the bottom flap in place

Step 10









11) Tie with ribbon

Step 11









12) Make an 8×8 Chipboard cover and assemble. I used 1in rings but I will need larger rings due to the number of pages in my album. Please flip though the gallery for more images and post below with any questions.


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