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Foam firetrucks

I decided to make some foam fire trucks for my son this morning. This is easily done with the Pazzles.

Just remove the rubber bumpers where the foam is and it is good to go. I ran them though my sticker machine later.

Adding an outline is the Pazzles software is really easy.


These are a little over 2in by 3in.

Finished Project


Happy Halloween!

Hello and Welcome back! This is my first crafting day in months so I decided to play with my newest toy the Pazzles Inspiration Cutter. With Halloween right around the corner I’m working on some easy decorations.

The Hanging Faux Wrought Iron Chandelier on the Pazzles Newsletter caught my attention and I’ve been looking forward to making it. The pdf instructions are well to say they are unclear is an understatement, and the cutting file is a mess. The cutting file is such a mess it is unusable without some modifications. You will need a log in to the Pazzles craft room for the cutting files and their instructions. This project requires 2 sheets of paper, ribbon, and decorations if desired.


While I have greatly enjoyed all amazing things I can make with the Pazzles I am disappointed in this project. This is my first attempt to follow along on one of their projects with their instructions and their cutting files. For the less Craft or Tech Savy this would have been an impossible project.

Cutting with the Pazzles Cutter

I have had the eCraft Cutter for about a year and a half and while I was able to use it for some holiday cards I just wasn’t happy with what I was getting out of it so I purchased a Pazzles Cutter. The first thing I noticed was how sturdy it was. The second thing was how easy it was to work with. The First thing I made was a Mini Happy Birthday Card. This card is about 3 inches tall.

Birthday Card

Birthday Card

The next thing I made was this cut out from a photograph. It was so easy! I was blown away by how detailed the cuts were and how easy it was to control the cutter. This cut out is of my dog, Frog, on his graduation day. It is about 8  inches tall.

Frog Cut out

Frog Cut out

After that I decided I needed to do something really detailed, so I made a simplified version of my wedding photo in Photoshop and brought the jpeg in to the Pazzles Software. Check out how awesome it came out!

Wedding Cut out

Wedding Cut out

I can’t wait to play with my new toy some more! Check out this gallery to see what I have made so far, and more of the steps involved. If you are interested in a “How to” please let me know and I will post one!

My New toy:

Learning to Crochet

When I decided I wanted to learn how to crochet I purchased an online class though The classes are Amazing! After taking Crochet Lab I was able to follow some of the patterns in Creepy Cute Crochet where I made this Ninja and Cthulhu! As you can see they came out a lot better than the dog I tried to make before.

Creepy Cute Crochet Friends

Ninja and Cthulhu

I decided to take 1 more class, Crafty Crochet Embellishments. Soon I was making Hats for my whole family!

Hat for Mom front

Hat for Mom

I have found Crocheting to be a great activity on air planes where you don’t have a lot of room and you don’t want small parts being lost. Tiny travel scissors and Crochet hooks are allowed on planes believe it or not!

Holiday Cards

Fun Snow Globe Card

Fun Snow Globe Card

Some of you may remember my post a while back about Thanksgiving cards with confetti in them. These are very similar cards I made over the December holidays. I lost the memory card to my good camera so please excuse the not so great photos and ask lots of questions! I know these pictures are not the best and can be confusing.

Materials Needed:

A shape of cardstock you want to make a window in.
A clear page protector
A punch for the window. This could be a Punch Anywhere Punch or a Big Shot die
A sticker maker or double sided glue sheets.
2mm Fun foam in a matching color
Whatever project you want to attach this to.

Step 1: The Shape of Cardstock you want to make a window in

I cut out these flowers on my eCraft at size 3. As you can see I glued some flimsy holiday paper to silver cardstock and used a stabilizer. You can use a big shot, buy pre-cut shapes, or simply cut your shape out yourself. My shapes are 3 inches in diameter because my window punch will be 1.5 inches in diameter.

Step 1

Step 2:  Cut out your window

You can make any shape window you want. You can use a punch anywhere punch like the one in the photo from Martha Stewart, or you can use your big shot dies. I do not recommend using the standard type of punch as it can be hard to get the window far away from the edge. Also a standard punch will not work for step 6.

Step 2

Step 3:  Cut out the plastic for the window.

This will be cut out of your page protector. Make sure it will be large enough to hold on well to the cardstock. Mine is 1/2 inch larger then the window hole.

Step 3

Step 4: Glue in the window

Glue around the edges of your window on the back of the card stock. I recommend a snail for this as a glue stick will only make a mess.
Tip: Running your finger around the edge of the window will clean up any overlapping glue that could cause cloudiness in your window. Don’t cut yourself!

Step 4

Step 5: Place your window plastic in place!

Step 5

Step 6: Foam Frame

For my frame I decided on a 2 in diameter circle. You can use any size or shape you want. Fun foam is 2mm thick and for my extra confetti I needed it to be 4mm thick. To do this I glued 2 sheets of fun foam together, then cut out my 2 inch diameter circle. Once you are happy with the outside of your frame you are ready to cut out the window. Use the same punch you used in step 2!!! Save the center of your window and replace it for the next step.

Step 7: Make your Frame Sticky

With the center of your foam frame in place run the foam though your sticker maker. You can also cut out a glue sheet to match the size of your frame but that is MUCH more expensive then using a sticker maker. Once it is out the other side, remove the clear top and run it though upside down. Your Frame must be sticky on both sides!

Step 7 part 1

Step 7 part 2

Step 8: Using your Frame

Remove the frame from the sticker backing and place it where you want it on your project. I made these 2in diameter cardstock circle stickers so I could save my finished snow globes and place them on projects later. Run your finger around the inside of the foam to make sure there is no glue inside!

Step 8

Step 9: Confetti

Place whatever confetti or small items you want to inside the circle.

Step 9

Step 10: Install window

Place your cardstock window on top of your foam frame. Press firmly to make sure the confetti cannot escape. Enjoy!

Here are a few different cards I made with this technique!

Card 1

Card 2

Card 3

CU 1

CU 2

CU 3

“Reindeer Food” – A Treat for St. Nick’s Helpers

Every year I make “Reindeer Food” for the kids. This recipe was passed down to me and I am passing it on to you just in time for the big day!

You will need:

~Oatmeal that is still whole. Not the stuff from Quaker with all the flavorings and the powder, but the stuff that actually looks like something a reindeer would eat.

~Red and Green Sparkle Sprinkles from the cake section.

Step 1: Mix Sprinkles into the raw oatmeal until you feel it is sparkly enough to attract Reindeer. DO NOT COOK the Oatmeal.

Step 2: Reindeer food should be sprinkled outside the night before Christmas so that the reindeer will hang out a little longer and give St. Nick more time to drop off some extra special gifts.

Optional added Bonus for the kids: Waking up to find a few jingle bells in the yard the next morning.

The Sprinkles are not showing up in the photo for some reason.

The Sparkles are hard to see in the photo, but there are a lot of them! Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

I am itching to post the gifts I’ve been making, but my family is watching this blog like a hawk. (I see you Mom!) So I have to wait until after the holidays.

I am having a Super Awesome Holiday Sale this week in my etsy store. Enter happyholidays in the coupon area for %20 off everything at checkout. My Shop is closing for the Holidays on Friday December 16, 2011, and will reopen after Christmas so please place your order before Thursday night!

Have a Wonderful Holiday Season, and Brightest Blessing to you in the New Year!

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